Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rambling about Reading

I have been lax in writing up my recent reads.  The list in the side bar is updated, but I've skipped telling you about the last several books I've read.  I'd been copying my thoughts from my Goodreads account, but I haven't updated there either.  I got out of the habit, I suppose, while I was busy with the home improvements.  Okay, I got out of the blogging habit altogether.

Right now, I am half way through a massive new biography of Vincent Van Gogh.  I would be further along if I had not left it at my mom's house over Thanksgiving.  My mom lives on the east coast.  I don't.  It was a library book.  ARGH  I annoy myself.

She mailed it back to me, but it has not arrived yet.  I am hoping the delay is just the post office being so busy this time of year, not that the book is lost.  Which would be bad.  Even though nobody else wants to read this book from the Anythink.  It is a brand new biography, featured on 60 minutes, and I have one copy out, renewed twice, hopefully not lost in transit, and my husband checked out the other copy so I could continue to read it, and nobody else has requested this book.

(Unlike season 6.2 of Doctor Who, which has 3 people ahead of me on the wait list.  The Anythink, which I've ranted about before, has a fantastic dvd collection, and often long wait lists for them.  The books, not so much.  They also have a problem with people stealing dvds.  Please don't anyone steal Doctor Who before I get to watch it.  Please!) 

Anyway, Van Gogh.  I love his paintings, always have.  My mom had a print of his sunflowers in our house when I was growing up.  I have a poster of a harvest scene I bought at a big exhibit a few years back.  I was very excited when I heard about this book.  (Tying all my rambling interests together, I heard about it because I am a Doctor Who fan, and was reading a Doctor Who thread on Ravelry - knitting site - about the episode where the Doctor meets Van Gogh.) 

I am finding this book very interesting, but I have to say, Van Gogh was not exactly like I imagined him - not all tortured but benign.  I feel incredibly sympathetic towards his family.  He was an incredibly difficult son and brother and friend.  Still, fascinating, but not in the, "Gee, I bet we would have been friends if he'd been my neighbor," sort of way. 

(If there are books in my list that you want to hear about, let me know, and I'll write it up.)


Pigtown*Design said...

sort of off topic, but what do you think of the new seasons of dr. who? i never thought i'd get hook on a sci-fi series, but they made dr. who when i lived in cardiff, wales. and my car is in one episode! the 'vampires of venice' was partially filmed at the school where i worked. but i don't like the dr. or amy.

Jennifer said...

Doctor Who is never off topic. I was disappointed with season 6. It was too predictable and much less fun than earlier seasons. I hope they move away from the River dominated storylines, because I think this cast does better in one-on episodes. They don't seem to bring as much nuance to their roles as prior doctors and companions, so if it isn't in the script, we aren't seeing character development.

Sadly, Alex is the one cast member who does bring depth to her character, but it is River Song who is keeping the storyline bogged down. Not her fault at all, and if Matt and Karen were more developed actors, it would probably work.

Of course, a new companion and new doctor would work, too.

GlamorousGirl said...

love it!

Raymonde said...

My, you have been busy around here. Hope Christmas finds you and yours all well. I imagine you are ready with all you lovely crafty hands. Take care. xxx