Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My theme must be love notes.

I never thought I was a person who decorated with themes.  My babies didn't have thematic nurseries.  I have never even aimed for a unified colour scheme.  I don't actually like having a lot of knick-knacks and things around me.  The exception:  I like elephants and briefly had an elephant theme in my living room in a former house, as a result of over zealous loved ones gifting me with elephant decor.

Today, though, as I hung this sign on my wall, I realized I do have a that explains the elephant room, too.  The theme is love notes.  Almost every decorative item in my house is a love note of sorts.  Either ones given to me, or ones I've made for my family.  Expressions of love, written or not.

This sign falls into the latter.  I made it for my husband.  "Made it for" meaning that although he claims no particular interest in the decorating of our home, I knew he'd like the sentiment.

I made my sign by tracing the letters on to map pages of the places we've lived, and, since we haven't lived that many different places, a few of the places we've vacationed together.  Then I glued them on a canvas I'd painted.  A love note, for my husband, to remind him that even though I want to live elsewhere, he is the most important reason for being anywhere.

It is hanging in a place where we'll see it every time we leave or enter our home - in our newly renovated laundry/mud room/entry from the garage.  It is also visible from our cozy hanging out in the kitchen/family room sofa spots.  This photo is taken from that view.

If you are not familiar with the phrase, it's a song by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.


The Reader said...

This.Is.Awesome. I am absolutely going to copy this idea, hope you don't mind. Seriously, seriously cool.

Your theme sounds like mine, too. No real theme to my house or decorating, but sentiment. Thanks for summing that up for me ;-)

Missus Wookie said...

I'm with Reader - completely awesome and I'm going to adapt it for my Spring or Summer frame - been wondering what to put in there. Way cool idea thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Your creativity always amazes me. Antother beautiful project that goes beyond words.

MAAM said...

I love this idea and may have to copy it too...however I may have to make mine a wall mural! lol