Sunday, February 5, 2012

My glasses needed a new case

Remember when all glasses came with soft fabric cases?  Now, it seems like they all come with hard cases.  I switch back and forth between my regular glasses and my prescription sunglasses all the time - it's so sunny here, year-round!  I don't want to fumble with opening a hard case, and the soft ones I bought are so loose that my sunglasses kept falling out in my purse.  I finally got annoyed enough to make a new one. 

I used scraps I'd saved.  The corduroy was left from a bag lining, the flannel sleds interior from jammies I made last week.  A piece of old mattress pad acts as cushioning between the two fabrics.  I made it slightly smaller than the slippery soft one I had on hand.  It's a snug enough fit that the glasses do not fall out if I tip them over, so no more glasses tumbling out in my purse to get scratched by keys.  Just what I wanted!


Missus Wookie said...

Cute and useful - I like my hard cases but they do take up a lot of room in the bag.

The Reader said...

Cute! that corduroy fabric is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...