Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thinking of Sandy, knitting more chemo caps

Last weekend, after almost four year struggle, my friend Sandy lost her battle with breast cancer.  I will miss her, but I'm rejoicing in her ultimate victory over death, taking her place in the presence of Lord, freed from pain and sin and suffering.  I'm also saddened beyond words for her husband and two young sons.

I thought of Sandy with every stitch I knit this week.  Two chemo hats, for two more people fighting back cancer.  My prayers will be with them, too, though I never know their names.

About the hats:  the blue one is Boardwalk by Elizabeth Pederson.  I knit it in Lion Brand Cotton-Ease.  This was left from a sweater project.  I'd forgotten how soft it is while knitting.  When I run out of leftovers, I will buy more Cotton Ease for chemo hats.

The second hat is Odessa by Grumperina.  It is available free at Ravelry.  It was knit in Sirdar Silky Look.  This is a discontinued yarn.  A friend gave a bag of it to me, including a partially knit sweater.  I'm using it for hats.  It's lighter weight, so I thought this shorter beanie would be a good match for it.  Even when it gets warmer, women might like to cover their bald heads.


Kristal said...

It was so sad to hear of Sandy's passing. Having not been on SL in a long time I noticed on Facebook. I've been praying for her family. What a hard loss.

Love both hats.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

I'm so sorry for you loosing your friend. Praying for her family.

Missus Wookie said...

Both hats are lovely - even more so knowing you were thinking of Sandy. Held her family in the light throughout Meeting this morning.

Naila Moon said...

I am sorry to hear of your friend's passing. May she be now at peace.

I was wondering how I could get one of your lovely hats? I have a friend who is battling breast cancer.

Let me know. You can find my e-mail on my page if you wish to e-mail me about it.
Peace...Naila Moon