Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sewing and struggling

Sewing is a challenge to me.  Even seemingly simple things, like this bib, are fraught with difficulties.  This bib is the bapron from craftinessisnotoptional, which is not linking correctly, sorry.  It looked simple enough, and it probably is.  For other people.

I thought the hardest thing would be making all those yards of bias tape.  Nope.  It was getting all that bias tape sewn in place.  I've done quilt bindings, where one side is sewn by hand, and not had any problem with it.  This, however, is sewn in place all at once (and should be - these bibs would take hours and hours to hand sew the binding).  I could not get it lined up perfectly so that every stitch went through both layers, without stitching too far away from the edge.

I made five bibs, and the fifth was no easier than the first.  By then, however, I'd decided to just stitch over the bias twice anyway, so it does look better than the others. 

Some I am keeping for when babies visit me, and others I am giving away.  Although they are far from perfect, they are bibs.  By definition, they are going to get food plastered all over them.   They are good enough for that.

The last photo shows the front and back, which is flannel.


Kristal said...

That is such a cute bib! Sorry it was such a challenge! Think you could just surge the sides instead? Wouldn't have the same look but might be easier {and this from a very non sewer}

Missus Wookie said...

Very cute bib - and I agree that as long as they do their purpose the edges won't matter. Sorry it was so frustrating however.

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful. And yes, they are going to get food plastered all over them but in style!!