Sunday, April 15, 2012

thoughts on Let's Kill Uncle

Let's Kill Uncle: A NovelLet's Kill Uncle: A Novel by Rohan O'Grady

Two high spirited children thrown together on an idyllic island populated by benign adults would be typical children's fare, but Rohan O'Grady's children spend their summer vacation plotting the murder of a homicidal maniac. The juxtaposition of descriptions of the island and its eccentric inhabitants with the practical matter of how to get away with murder are delicious: sweet and salty.

Barnaby, heir to millions who has been terrorized by his murderous uncle all his life, and Christie, who is more strong willed adult than innocent little girl, begin their summer squabbling with each other and disrupting island life with their antics, but soon fall into a routine of mealtimes, chores, and attempts to tame a one eared cougar. That is, until Uncle arrives on the island. Then it is kill or be killed. Far from macabre, Let's Kill Uncle retains its sly wit throughout.

In a sense, Let's Kill Uncle is a coming of age story, but not for the children, despite charming lines like this one: "It was the end of innocence, for they knew now that One-Ear would never, never like cinnamon buns."

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