Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things other than reading and knitting

Despite the looming due dates, I have not been knitting away at baby gifts, as I had intended to spend much of May. I've been sidetracked by this:

I got a new bike!  I've been riding more mornings than not, and occasional evenings, leading to being more tired.  I thought I lived in a flat area until I got my bike.  My thighs tell me that this is not true. 

Being that time of year, I've been gardening.  Weeding, weeding, weeding, but I also planted (meaning I asked my husband to dig the holes, and I put the plants in them) two new roses and some daisies in my front garden.  None of my pink tulips reappeared this spring, which was a great disappointment.  I'd never experienced that before, but after googling, I learned it is not uncommon.  I'm still disappointed.  The whole reason I plant bulbs is so they will be there forever.  It is not worth the effort for only one year of blooms.  This fall, grape hyacinths and daffodils.

Last week I painted a table.  I did not take pictures.  It is a round end table I bought last winter on Craigslist for $20.  It was creamy yellow, and I painted it white. 

I have also been spending probably too much time entering contests on Pinterest.  Choosing twenty images when I know they will be judged is quite different from pinning things when I happen to see them, only so I can remember them later.  As of today, I have not won anything, but hope springs eternal.   If I win a Vespa, you will hear all about it.

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