Friday, June 15, 2012

Timothy, the Elephant's Child

I imagine that when Dumbo grew up, married, and started a family of his own, he named his first son Timothy, after his very first friend and mentor, Timothy Mouse.  After that, it became tradition, to have a Timothy in every family, to keep the memory alive.  So this is my Timothy, the elephant child.  

He is the first toy I designed for myself.  I couldn't find an elephant pattern I loved for my safari, so I used what I've learned knitting the other animals to make my own.  He knit up quickly until I got to the ears.  It took me three tries to get the look I wanted, and poor Timothy sat earless for a few weeks while I worked on a different project and thought about his ears.

I tried to keep accurate notes about making him, and would like to write the pattern up one day, but at the moment I am working on Secret Baby Gifts.  So it will have to wait.

I'm including a photo with Trixie, so you can get an idea of how big Timothy is.  He is bigger than a newborn baby.  I think he would be a great size to play with a toddler or preschool child.


Kristal said...

I love the elephant!

Missus Wookie said...

Don't know what I love more the elephant or the story behind it and the knowledge that it took several weeks to invent the ears :Happy sigh: :)