Tuesday, July 17, 2012

thoughts on: The Anti-Romantic Child

The Anti-Romantic Child: A Memoir of Unexpected JoyThe Anti-Romantic Child: A Memoir of Unexpected Joy by Priscilla Gilman

Gilman laces her memoir with the Romantic poetry which both framed her expectations for family life and sustained her when those dreams seemed to be crashing down around her.  In doing so, she goes beyond recounting the realization that something is amiss, the frustrating process of evaluations and therapies, and the effects of it all on her marriage and career.  Through poetry, she reframes her own idea of a romantic childhood, of meaningful relationships, of her son and her self, and finds joy.

Lovingly written, The Anti-Romantic Child shows both the joys in parenting a child who is far outside developmental and cultural norms and the fears and frustrations she feels along the way.  Her son's condition, hyperlexia, affects every aspect of his development, creating ongoing challenges.  This is not a story of overcoming a diagnosis, or an instructional guide to advocating for your special needs child, or a tell-all tale of a family tragedy.  It is a story of the power of words - to afflict or to inspire.


Anonymous said...

Sounds very interesting! My special needs child is 20 now. I know the importance of inspiring words when in that situation.

Missus Wookie said...

My SN child is 20 too. Glad it wasn't a 'how to cure your child' book.