Thursday, November 29, 2012

thoughts on: Two Rings: A Story of Love and War

Two Rings: A Story of Love and WarTwo Rings: A Story of Love and War by Millie Werber

Millie Werber spent her teenaged years surviving slave labor camps and Auschwitz. She endured its brutality and witnessed more, but in the midst of it all, she fell in love. Her memoir is all the more poignant because she kept her first love and marriage a secret for most of her life, fearing that her own children would not understand how a fifteen year old girl could experience love while surrounded by such horror.

In sharing her story, Mrs. Werber shows us beautifully how that can be. Even living in constant fear could not diminish her desire to love and be loved, and the extreme danger of their circumstances, rather than holding back such feelings, gave them an urgent need to be expressed.

This first romance is only part of her story, but it is the heart of it. Although Werber says she lost her faith during the Holocaust, she never lost her capacity for love.

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