Thursday, November 29, 2012

thoughts on: World War II London Blitz Diary

World War II London Blitz DiaryWorld War II London Blitz Diary by Ruby Side Thompson

Ruby Side Thompson was a lifelong diarist.  She poured her heart out in her diaries, the one place she felt safe revealing her unhappiness with her life, and, primarily, her husband.

Her great-granddaughter has published the volumes from World War II.  Yes, they were written during the war.  Yet she writes infrequently of the effect of war, and usually, it is only to rail against men (as a sex), whom she blames for the war.  Men, in fact are blamed for all of society's ills.  Unhappily married, and the mother of seven sons, Ruby's view of men is quite hostile.

Women fair little better.  Ruby detests the silliness of her neighbors and complains relentlessly about them taking up her time by visiting her.  In fact, in her diary, Ruby shows very little kindness towards anyone.  She is entirely absorbed by her own unhappiness.

The diaries are interesting as a character study of Ruby, but they will disappoint if you are looking for a detailed account of life during the Blitz.

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